Friends with Elephants

A show for the cool nerd in you!

Everyone has a little bit of nerd in them - and while Ivana & Jay are proud of their nerdiness, not everyone is.

That's where Friends With Elephants comes in - it's the show for the cool nerd in you! Friends With Elephants tackles everything from movies and TV, to technology, comic books and apps!

But don't worry, Ivana & Jay (who have been bickering besties for nearly 10 years) are sure to have something in every show that you're going to love. By the end of each episode, they may even have you saying to yourself, "Yeah, I guess I'm a nerd too!"

  • Movies & TV

    We're self proclaimed TV & Movie junkies!

  • Superheroes & Comics

    Yup we love comics and heroes.

  • Cool Tech & Apps

    We love new technology

  • Advice

    We like to think we know stuff

Jay & Ivana

One Radio Pro + One Actor = A super fun & nerdy podcast
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Jason Kennedy

Co-Host & Producer
Jay, an avid movie junkie & comic book fan, has made his career as a radio professional since 2002. Jay brings his wealth of experience in radio and sitting around watching movies to Friends with Elephants.
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Ivana Kingston

Co-Host & Producer
Ivana Stojanovic is an actor, writer, producer & software project manager with a love for all things tech, TV & superhero. She’s excited to be true to herself each week & geek-out unabashedly.

With great friendship - come great conversations & debates - Jay & Ivana


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