S02 E14 – Creepy Kids in Movies, Met-Gala, Captain America, Series Survival, Quantico

Top 3 Turf War – 1:05

The Boy comes out on DVD on Tuesday, so we thought we’d count down the top 3 creepy kids in movies.

Marry, Do, Ditch – 12:57

The Met-Gala recently passed and there are lots of celebrity photos floating around. So we thought we’d play a round of MDD: A-listers style

Movies – 23:13

It’s a DOUBLE HEADER!!! Captain America: The First Avenger & Captain America: Winter Soldier. Which is better? Gearing up for Captain America: Civil War.

Series Survival – 39:35

The trailer for UnReal Season 2 just dropped, so Jay and Ivana check in on some of their predictions.

Wicked City (ABC) – cancelled

Angel From Hell (CBS) – cancelled

Quantico (ABC) – Renewed

Outro – 49:55

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