Episode 30 – 1985 Music, Cohabitation, Mr. Robot, Star Trek Cruise, Windows 10

Top 3 Turf War – 05:15

Top 3 Songs of 1985  – in honor of our thirtieth episode we revisit the top 100 billboard hits of 1985.

Interested in listening? Check out our spotify playlist.

Two Times Tech – 16:49

In January 2017 Star Trek explores the sea.

Ivana & Jay weigh in on the newly released Windows 10; as well as the odd fact they’re selling their DVD software for $15.

Series Survival – 24:51

  1. The Muppets (ABC)
  2. Limitless (CBS)
  3. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (CW)

Sex in the News – 31:42

More and more couples are opting to cohabitate rather than get married.

TV: Mr Robot – 37:31

Ivana can’t contain her excitement that we FINALLY get to talk about the most legendary show to hit the small screen.

Outro – 45:02

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