S02 E19 – Best Animated Sequels, The Matrix, Yoga Hosers

Top 3 Turf War – 1:27

Finding Dory opens this Friday so we started asking ourselves – what are the best animated sequels of all time.


Tech Talk – 15:30

It’s all over the internet and so obviously we needed to put in our two cents about the now famous Elon Musk theory that there is a 1 in a billion chance we’re living in the base reality.

Trailer Trash – 24:22

Kevin Smith is back with a new movie for all of us to enjoy and laugh at: Yoga Hosers.

Series Survival – 30:06

In our final Series Survival Update for this year we revisited The Frankenstein Code aka Second Chance (Fox); Ash vs. Evil (Starz); and Supergirl (CBS)


Ivana wins by one!!!!


Huge shoutout to Matthew Wilson who provided us with the winning suggestion!!!  

Outro – 36:10

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