S02 E18 – Pitch a Flick, Emoji, Series Survival

Pitch a Flick – 1:21

In this new segment Ivana and Jay take a theme/idea/genre and each pitch a movie idea. Warcraft comes out this Friday. So… we’ve decided to pitch a video game movie.

Tech-tiquette – 21:23

What are the rules of Emoji? For example, years ago emoji’s weren’t used in professional environments but now we can’t imagine life without them. So… without further adieu…

Series Survival – 27:44

Ivana and Jay revisit their predictions for The Grinder (Fox), Benders (IFC) and Scream Queens (Fox).

Trailer Trash – 34:24

Ivana and Jay talk about the Beauty and the Beast trailer – the biggest trailer of all time.

Outro – 40:12

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