S02 E21 – Star Trek Beyond, Space Movies, Jupiter, Rogue One

Star Trek: Beyond opens this weekend and Ivana is a devoted Trekkie so we knew that this episode had to be special. So we decided to have a Space themed episode to celebrate!!!

Anton Yelchin

It was obvious that we couldn’t do an episode inspired by Star Trek without first talking about a recent tragedy that befell the Star Trek star. We take some time to talk about Anton Yelchin, his immense talent and his career.

Top 3 Turf War

We create a list of our top 3 movies set in space. However, we quickly realized that we had to band Star Trek and Star Wars from contention or it would have been a very boring segment indeed.

Let’s Drop some Science

Jupiter! Juno has recently reached acheived orbit around Jupiter and we’re about to learn a heck of a lot more about the gas Giant. So we thought we’d take a minute and talk about this big globe  in space.

Trailer Trash

Rogue One Trailer

Next week: Silicon Valley pilot.

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