S02 E16 – Best “Bad” Characters, Email, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

Nerd Battle – 01:57

Unreal returns to TV’s on June 6th @ 10pm on Lifetime.  And since unReal portrays many grey characters like Quinn King (Constance Zimmer) or Rachel Goldberg (Shgiri Appleby) – we thought we’d battle TV Character you Love to Hate Most.

Tech-tiquette – 13:21

Let’s talk about a super old-school tech item that we all take for granted and use way too much. EMAIL.

TV Talk – 21:58

Ivana and Jay watch Crazy Ex-Girlfriend


Series Survival – 31:28

Jay and Ivana revist: the Muppets (ABC), Grandfathered (Fox) and Truth be Told (NBC).

Outro – 37:15

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