Episode 35 – Slashers, Dub Smash, TeeVee 3, Trudeau, Star Wars, Red = Jealousy

Top 3 Turf War – 2:59

Best Slasher Flicks

It’s App Time – 11:41

Dub Smash & Teevee 3

Top 5 Things You Should Know From Last Week – 16:23

People think Trudeau is hawt

Racist people are outraged there aren’t enough white men in the Star Wars trailer.

YouTube Red

Consumer Reports receive negative questionnaire results.

Elon Musk’s consumer Tesla receives negative consumer report review

AntiAging is a thing claims Harvard

Sex in the News – 28:04

New study reveals women believe other women who wear read are more sexually charged, more slutty and more likely to try to steal their man!

Movie – 33:47

The Final Girls

Outro: 41:59

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