S02E04 – Zombies, Deadpool, Primaries, Apple Court Order, Spotlight

Intro – 00:00

Ivana & Jay must apologize that they were not able to publish or record an episode last week. Ivana was ill. Boo colds.

Top 3 Turf War – 02:48
After watching this time-lapse video of zombies through the ages, Ivana & Jay decided to battle the Top 3 Zombies.

5 Things YOU Should Know From Last Week! – 16:41

  1. Deadpool is killing it in box office


  1. Microsoft Launched an awesome new website that tells you which breed of dog you look like. It’s also an app!


  1. The US Primaries are in full effect. Ivana & Jay discuss the South Carolina Primary on Saturday Feb 20th


  1. Netflix completely revamps their suggestions for your account


  1. Apple opposes a court order asking them to  create a new technology to help FBI hack into San Bernandino iPhone

Movies – 37:49

Jay and Ivana may have watched Spotlight a while ago, and they can’t wait to chat about it.

Outro – 49:21

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