Episode 36 with Special Guest Chuck McPhail – Beer, Wine, Trivia, Sense 8 & Famous Geniuses

Nerd Battle- 04:12

Once again we have a referee to judge our Nerd Battle in real time! And this week Jay and Ivana fight: Beer vs Wine.

Himpossible & Herpossible Trivia – 12:34

Jay hosts his favourite schedule as Chuck and Ivana face off.

Storytime With Chuck – 18:08

Ivana & Jay turn the tables on him and ask him to elaborate about the story of the first film that spoke to you

Marry, Do, Ditch –  28:23

Famous Geniuses Edition!

TV Time – 36:18

The sci-fi Netflix Sense 8 series is discussed.

Outro – 50:30

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