S02-E02 – CES 2016, Reboot Rumors, Suicide Squad, Advice

Intro – 00:00

Welcome to Season 2, Episode 2

Top 3 Turf War – 1:52

Ivana and Jay review the top 3 CES technologies of 2016.

Discussion Refers to: Sennheiser’s Orpheus Successor

Reboot Rumors – 16:03

There is so much news on Reboots and reimaginings lately…We wanted to bring the discussion to FWE.

Anne of Green Gables is a GO!

Labyrinth is a NO!

And The Mummy is getting a reboot with Tom Cruise…. yeah…. the Tom Cruise!

Trailer Trash – 23:00

Suicide Squad Trailer 2

Next Week we’ll be talking about Oscar Nominee – The Revenant.

Reddit Advice Corner – 27:36

AlexGuyzor12 asks for advice, after things go a little far with a study-friend.

Outro – 33:41

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