Episode 23 – 90120 Hunger Games Face-Off, Angry Birds 2, Action Heroes, Ex_Machina & Wedding Ceremonies

Firstly a public service announcement – brush up on the list of foods dogs CANNOT EAT. Ivana’s pup, Marshall, ate raisins and had to be hospitalized. Luckily she’s perfectly healthy now.

Nerd Battle: Which original 90210 Character would win in Hunger Games?

Rovio is releasing Angry Birds 2 this week – but shouldn’t it be Angry Birds 16 or something?

Marry Do Ditch: Action Heros.

Jay & Ivana review Ex_Machina & it’s amazing!

In Reddit Advice Corner, Ivana & Jay answer Cheese_whistler’s question about whether or not he should perform his best friend’s wedding ceremony, despite disliking his friend’s future wife.

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Want to watch a TV show with us next week? Please watch You’re the Worst.

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