Episode 32 – Android vs. iPhone, iWatch Vibrator, Trainwreck, Selfies, Series Survival

Ivana & Jay welcome their first guest, Chris Schapcotte!
Chris works as an imaging producer in radio; he also is a founder and program director of then.fm. He’s also recently launched a photography business named Shapshots!

Nerd Battle – 02:28

It’s time for the most anticipated nerd battle of Friends with Elephants, and Jay and Ivana have been putting it off for good reason. Chris hosts and decides the winner immediately. Do you agree?

Sex In The News – 17:00

Ivana, Chris & Jay discuss a new iWatch controlled vibrator. Good idea?

Trainwreck Segment – 21:42

Trainwreck is doing so well it’s still out in theatres. Is it good, great or just awful?

Techtiquette – 29:08

New Segment!!! Ivana & Jay ask Chris, founder of Shapshots, where it’s appropriate to take selfies.

Series Survival – 37:37

Wicked City (ABC)
Supergirl (CBS)
Angel From Hell (CBS)

Outro – 46:03

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Also check out Chris Shapcotte on twitter @ProdChrisJames. Check out his awesome photography on instagram.

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