Episode 16 – Bug Guts, Batman vs. Iron Man Battle, Wayward Pines, Advice is Back!

After two weeks of audio issues, Jay and Ivana have finally resolved their noob status with their awesome new sound gear.

Nerd Battle: Who would win in a fight: Batman or Iron Man?

Did you know that Bug guts splattering airplane wings was a big enough problem to warrant NASA involvement? Looks like non-stick airplane’s are the way of the future.

Marry Do Ditch: TV/Movie high school characters

Jay & Ivana discuss Wayward Pines… and they also apologize if you liked it as little as they did.

Reddit Advice Corner is finally back!!!! And despite the fact that it’s been eon’s in Reddit time Ivana and Jay bring back advice from the last two weeks that wasn’t properly recorded by answering Ackoratrynar’s question.

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Want to watch a movie with us next week? Check out Jurassic Park.

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