Episode 21 – Sailor Moon, Reboot, Fat-Shaming, How I Met Your Mother & Stand By Me

Nerd Battle: 90’s Cartoon Face-off: Sailor Moon vs. Reboot

After a standard tinder date, Michelle received a hurtful email from her date, but instead of letting his opinion erode her self-confidence she shared his message (but not identity) with the world. Jay & Ivana discuss this blog post, attraction and appropriate ways to break things off.

Marry Do Ditch: How I Met Your Mother!

Jay & Ivana discuss Stand By Me and whether this film is as good as its reputation.

In Reddit Advice Corner, Ivana & Jay answer obsessive110011‘s question: should he secretly pay for naked photos of a friend who poses for an erotic website.

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Want to watch a TV show with us next week? Check out the MTV’s Awkward.

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