Episode 37 – Remembrance Day, Justin Trudeau, Google Drone Deliveries, War Films, Burton

Poppy Tips – 00:43

Does your poppy keep falling off?

5 Things You Should Know From Last Week – 02:25

Justin Trudeau is already knocking it out of the park as our Prime Minister. Check out his response to why he chose a gender equal cabinet.

The parody instagram account: hipster barbie is calling it quits.

A German reveals his experience hosting refugee’s.

Google to launch drone deliveries by 2017.

France will end lifetime ban on gay men giving blood.

Movies – 08:27

Ivana & Jay discuss war films.

Remembrance Day Audio Tribute – 13:22

To commemorate Remembrance Day/Veterans Day Toronto radio personality, Darren Osborne, provides a very special reading of In Flanders Fields.

Trailer Trash- 15:26

Alice Through the Looking Glass trailer has come out, the duo discuss whether or not it looks enticing.

Hot Topic in TO – 21:35

What does it mean to disrespect Remembrance Day? Can stores put up Christmas decorations before November 11th, or is that distasteful?

Outro – 26:31

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A very special thanks this week to Darren Osborne for lending his voice to the poem In Flanders Fields by Lieutenant Colonel John MacCrae.  You can follow Darren on Twitter at @DarrenOsborne98.

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