S02 E15 – Seth Rogan Movies, Portable HD Cameras, The Accountant and more

Top 3 Turf War – 00:46

Neighbours 2 comes to theatres this Friday.  So Blake and Ivana examine the Top 3 Seth Rogan Films.

Go-Go Gadget – 15:29

Jay and Ivana explore a new camera to come to the market of small and portable HD cameras that makes great picture.  


Trailer Trash – 22:49

The Accountant is coming out in October, and damn it looks good.

Series Survival – 29:56

All Renew all the time! Also Ivana’s in the lead at the start of this episode.


Rosewood – (FOX) Cancel Cancel Renewed


Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (CW) Win golden globe


Cancelled before S1

8 episodes



Lucifer (Fox) No No (6 episodes) Renewed


Outro – 37: 22

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