S02E03 – Disney Princesses, Goitrin, Bitter Compunds, Superbowl, Smart Toilets, Electromagnetic Suspensions, Bose , Revenant

Nerd Battle

This week Jay and Ivana battle to uncover the Best Disney Princess!!!

Let’s Drop some Science

Now we understand that some people are genetically inclined to DISLIKE these veggies more than others? Why? Due to a  compound called goitrin.

Article #1

Article #2

Hot Topic in TO!

Superbowl ads have come early, and for us Canadians it means that we’re able to watch them much more easily.

Superbowl Babies

Two Times Tech

  1. Smart Toilets:
  1. Bose Electromagnetic Suspension


The Revenant


Next week join us for Spotlight.


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