Episode 31 – Best TV Openers, Galaxy Tab, Fuel Cells, Trivia, Series Survival & Jungle Book

Top 3 Turf War – 02:09

Jimmy Kimmel & John Stamos collaborated on an awesome how-to video, instructing people about acting in a sitcom opener. So let’s reflect on the best TV openers of all time and select the top 3.

Top 3 TV Openers Ever!

2 Times Tech – 10:58

At 12.2 inches, Samsung’s Galaxy Tab Pro is a pretty big tablet.

British company, Intelligent Energy, has now managed to hook a FUEL CELL up to an iPHONE 6!!


Him-Possible / Her-Possible Trivia – 17:09

5 trivia questions are posed to the contestant, the time starts after the first question is read aloud. All 5 questions must be answered within 45 seconds.

Series Survival – 22:47


Truth be Told – NBC

Benders – IFC

Trailer Trash – 29:32

Jungle Book is coming out soon. As Disney’s second live-action reboot of a classic animated film, will it be amazing or lacklustre? 

All this made Omar Eliraz become nostalgic for the original film, so he did a very interesting mash-up.

Outro – 37:03

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