S02 E11 – Disney Reboots, Food Apps, Real O’Neals

Top 3 Turf War – 00:49

Jungle Book just opened in theatres to fantastic reviews and #1 in box office charts. So we thought it would be fun to decide on the top 3 Disney Movies that could use a Reboot.

It’s App Time – 16:30

We take a look at the wonderful world of Food Apps after learning Taco Bell is making a sassy AI chat bot.

Sex in the News – 23:54

Guy starts social media campaign to stalk a girl he saw at a grocery store. Cool? Creepy? Marketing stunt?

TV Time – 31:35

We watched The Real O’Neals and we liked it. If you didn’t watch it with us, we recommend.

Next Week we are tackling one of the worst movies of all time, the 80s sex-plotation romp,  MALIBU EXPRESS!

Outro – 38:36

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