Episode 20 – Muppets, Pan Am Games, unReal, Canadian Stars & Office Affairs

Nerd Battle: Best Muppet!

Toronto is hosting the Pan Am Games and to help facilitate the needs of our athlete’s we’ve temporarily added High Occupancy Lanes (HOV or Carpool) for the month of July. Is this a good thing or a bad thing and why do Torontonian’s feel the need to complain so much?

Marry Do Ditch: Canadian Superstars

Jay & Ivana chat about the Lifetime’s new original series unReal.

In Reddit Advice Corner, Ivana & Jay try to answer pee_in_teacups‘ juicy question, asking for advice about whether or not he/she should expose a company executive who’s having an affair.

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Want to watch a movie with us next week? Check out the classic Stand By Me.

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