S02 E10 – TV Bosses, Jungle Book: Origins, Speedy Gonzales, National Lampoons, Plastic Eating Bacteria, Dredd.

Nerd Battle – 01:05

We figured that since Melissa McCarthy’s latest move The Boss, is getting such bad reviews we’d have a Nerd Battle to decide the worst boss that has ever graced the television screen. Jay fights on behalf of Ari Gold from Entourage and Ivana fights for J. Peterman from Seinfeld.

Reboot Rumours – 09:50

For the second time in #FWE history, Ivana and Jay discuss some reboot rumours including: the WB’s Jungle Book: Origins; WB’s Speedy Gonzales movie; and Netflix’ National Lampoon’s biopic with Joel McHale.


Let’s Drop some Science – 19:33

We finally found something that can destroy plastic! But it’s alive… How comfortable are about knowing  that there is  a place where we breed bacteria to kill plastic?

Movies – 24:04

Thank you for participating with us this week and choosing the crazy action film for this week. Without further adieu, Ivana and Jay talk Dredd.

Next week we’ll be watching a great new TV show, recommended by Ivana, The Real O’Neals

Outro – 42:22

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