Episode 29 – Back to School, Cheating, The Program, F.lux, Ash v Evil, Series Survival, Mr. Robot

Top 3 Turf War

Back to School Movies  – we did make a stipulation that it would have to be taking place over the course of a school year and a school needs to be present in the flick.

Reddit Advice

Ewe_dontknowme has cheated on her husband after just four months of marriage, but the worst part is that she’s in love with another man. Jay & Ivana weigh in. 

Trailer Trash

The Program trailer has come out. Ivana & Jay are primed to discover more about Lance Armstrong. 

Tech Stories

Ivan introduces Jay to F.lux and she explains why you should get it too. 

Series Survival

  1. Ash vs Evil  (Starz)  
  2. The Grinder (Fox) 
  3. Scream Queens (Fox) 

Tune in next week, when we’re going to be talking about the pilot episode of the wildly talked about new series MR. ROBOT!!

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