Episode 34 – Halloween Movies, Food & Cell Phones, Ivana vs. Nature, Nightmare on Elm St., Work Advice

Top 3 Turf War – 2:21

Top 3 Halloween movies of all time.

Tech-tiquette – 8:32

When is it appropriate to mix food and cell phones? When should you put away your phone and when should it be at the table?

Ivana Vs Nature – 12:40

Jay is heading into the wood this weekend and he wanted to ensure he didn’t get attacked, so he created a fun new segment!

Movies/TV – 19:57

Ivan & Jay revisit 1984’s Nightmare on Elm St.

Reddit Advice Corner 28:49

Ivana and Jay do their best to help throwawayelephant487 with some work advice.

Outro* – 34:10

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