Episode 8 – Worst Superhero Movies, The Returned, Tesla, Einstein, Rex Manning Day, Star Wars, Social Media Blocking

Marry, Do, Ditch: Cross-Dressing in Movies Edition!

Nerd Battle: Worst Superhero Movies of all Time – Catwoman vs Green Lantern

It’s the 20 year anniversary of Rex Manning Day! BBQ Films orchestrates a fantastic event at Rough Trade in Brooklyn!

This week Ivana and Jay get hooked on The Returned and are slightly mad at @ProdChrisJames for suggesting such an addictive show.

Next week we invite you to watch Daredevil (a Netflix Original).

Finally in Advice Corner, we help Reddit User MoodyBooty420 by providing completely contradictory advice about how to react if someone blocks you on social media.

Don’t forget to contact us and tell us what we should watch for next episode.

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