Episode 12 – Freddy, Michael Myers, Nasa, Jurassic World

Nerd Battle: Freddy vs. Michael Myers

Nasa wants to water a billion trees a year..using drones.

Marry Do Ditch: Classic TV Nerds

New Segment: Trailer Trash, Ivana and Jay check out the new Jurassic World and discuss.

Finally in Advice Corner, we talk about Reddit User TycoonWannaBe’s question: “Today I realized I’m good looking, how do I take advantage of that?

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2 thoughts on “Episode 12 – Freddy, Michael Myers, Nasa, Jurassic World

  • Hello guys, I’m TycoonWannaBe from reddit! Thanks a lot for your advises, I definetly won’t beckome a cockish or arrogant dude lol.

    I really like your podcasts, you sound like you two have a lot of fun doing them! Congratulations on this website too, it is very organised and user-friendly, as well as the topics you talk about. You have gained one more follower, and I’ll be expecting more podcasts and more content from you in the future!

    Thanks again!

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